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StoneLeaf, Inc.


The principals of StoneLeaf Inc., have a unique partnership. One partner brings many

years of experience building custom homes in the North Dallas and Plano areas, as well

as Scottsdale, AZ.  The other partner has experience in interior design and her attention

to details makes for a winning combination in their building business!  Creativity shows

in the many unique features found in each StoneLeaf Home.  From nooks and niches to

creative ceilings, unique floor treatments, color pallets and lighting, each home has its

own personality, creating their “Homes of Distinction”. 


More importantly, when building a home for clients, they listen to the owners wants and desires, and counsel as to the “best bang for the buck”.  They also work with the owners

and the architect to create a comfortable and convenient home that all can be proud of.


As an assurance of quality, StoneLeaf is a member of the Home Builders Association

of Greater Dallas and offers a homebuyers’ warranty through the StrucSure Home Warranty program.  This program provides a 10 year structural warranty on the

foundation and a 2 year warranty on the systems in the home.


Contact StoneLeaf, Inc. "Homes of Distinction" and see how easy it is to get your ideas

and dreams for your new home to become a reality. 

Texas Assoc. of Builders


Home Builders Assoc. of Greater Dallas



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"Homes of Distinction"
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